ITHR Legal is a specialist search consultancy we recruit for all levels, from Newly Qualified to Partner and General Counsel, with respect and confidentiality being our number one priority; on behalf of a broad range of international and domestic law firms in the UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and the United States.

  • Newly Qualified
    The first major choice of your legal career is where, and into which area, to qualify.  We take the time to meet with you face to face to advise you personally decision.  We help you stand out from the crowd with writing an impactful CV; defining your skills and achievements. We coach and manage the process to prepare you for interviews. Well connected we present you with excellent opportunities.


  • Associate /Legal Advisor
    From newly qualified to senior associate level, we provide detailed market intelligence, advising on Career management  the appropriate firms and in house departments to approach and the best way to do this.


  •  Junior Partner/ Senior In-house Counsel
    Moving as an associate to a partner or partner designate role requires  guidance on building a business plan and assessing your market value and the assessing the difference you can make to an organisation.


  • Senior Partner/ General Counsel
    As a senior partner or part of a team, a unique set of rules applies. We understand those rules. The process is likely to be longer. The stakes are higher. Recruitment at this level is highly market sensitive. Absolute confidentiality from the outset is paramount.